Apricot Crostata

I know I am posting crostata recipes left and right, but really they are perfect for summer when the market stands are overflowing with fresh fruit. Stone fruit is in season right now and having discovered a new appreciation for apricots, I am buying them at least a couple of times a week. I have made a berry crostata, plum crostata, an apple crostata, sour cherry crostata, and even a Nutella crostata, but have yet to make one with fresh apricots until now. I made some delicious Apricot Amaretto jam earlier this summer and really liked that flavor combination so planned to use it once more in this crostata. Because this particular recipe does not take long to bake, I find it best to cook up fresh fruit first before baking. I mix in 1 cup of jam into my cooked fruit to create a thicker filling. Once again, this crust is my new favorite recipe that has been adapted from a recipe David Lebovitz posted on his blog. It is so quick and simple to mix and is a press in the pan crust which makes everything easier.

The crust has a little cornmeal in it which really adds a nice crunchy texture. To compliment the apricot Amaretto flavor, I also added some chopped toasted almonds to the topping which worked out really well. My apricots were about medium sized, so I used 8 of them. Depending on the size of your apricots you may need more or less than is listed in the recipe. My apricots were also exceptionally tart, so I added a little extra sugar to create additional sweetness.

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