Beef Congee Tri Ton (Chao bo Trỉ Ton )

The town of Tri Ton, An Giang province is very famous local beef soup dish attractive.
Guests enjoy this dish apart leisurely chew slices thinly sliced cooked beef re blush spread on soup bowl, also felt the taste of our beef. Any medium leaf white brittle books has a long, bitter post any dust liver slices, any piece of lung “funnel method” in that weird mouth, and get more pieces of crispy Pheo long, with greasy piece of beef marrow, in the salty spicy sauce of ginger. * Not off his tongue was torpid, the rewards make sense juicy piece of cow blood “dissolve” slowly on the tongue surface.

Beef porridge with many of the most remarkable acidity of the juice bar structure – like a second left but the shell rough lemon, grown in this mountain – and the spicy green chili insurance (or buffalo horn peppers, chopped ), the price of living along Lat crispy basil flavor.

Beef Congee Triton only sold three places, but where is the best side markets. Just wonder just delicious nutritious cheap (only about 5.000d/to) should be much soup beef Triton client to find the remote.

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