BRAISED WHOLE FISH– Chinese New Year Food Recipes, Best Dish of Family Banquet

1 perch, 5 scallions, 5 ginger slices, 1 chili pepper

(1) 2T fish sauce, 1T cooking wine, 1/2T oyster oil. 1/2 T salad oil, 1t sugar
(2) 1T salad oil, 1T sesame oil, pepper as needed

1. Rinse perch well. Halve from the belly edge with the back edge untouched. Plaster the serving plate with a little oil. Put fish on it. Cut 2 scallions and 2 ginger slices into small sections and put on the fish.

2. Stir seasoning (1) in a small bowl well. Drizzle over the fish. Put the fish in wok and steam for 10 minutes over middle heat.

3. Shred the left 3 scallions, 3 ginger slices, and 1 chili pepper. Soak in water.

4. Remove fish to another clean plate until it is steamed well. Pick out scallions and ginger slices. Spread on the fish the shredded scallion, ginger and chili pepper. Heat seasoning (2) until boiled. Drizzle over the shredded scallion, ginger and chili pepper. Serve.


• Fish sauce is refined from fish. It’s better to cook fish with it than with salt and soy sauce. No need to add salt when cooking, for fish sauce is salty itself.

• In order to keep fish fresh and tender, it’s better to reduce the pickling time as much as possible, or even steam directly without pickling. Begin to count time when putting into wok with boiling water.

• 1C (cup)=150ml; 1T (Table Spoon)=15ml; 1t(tea spoon)=5ml, 1/2t(tea spoon)=2.5ml, 1/4t(tea spoon)=1.2ml

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