Chicken with mushroom sauce Thai-style













Chicken dishes are always interesting and attractive meal, have a new way of processing bothcharming Thai style nutritious, easy to medium spicy spicy snacks.

Raw materials

About 1.2 Ga 1-kg child

– Straw mushroom: 100g

– Purple onion bulbs: 100g

– Carrots: 1 root

– Coconut: 2 left

– Sugar: 1 tablespoon

– 1 small tomato cans

– Chili sauce: 2 tablespoons

– Salt: 1 Tablespoon

– Seasoning powder: 1 tablespoon


Cleaning chicken, cut pieces to taste.

North Basin on gold garlic, tomatoes, chili sauce on fried to the color.

In order to seepage fried chicken in spicy, coconut milk processing to continue to remove onion peeled whole cloves, mushrooms cleaned, sliced ​​carrots had just eaten or trimmed for the beautiful flowers are put into the pot chicken re-boil seasoning to taste.

This dish is served with delicious bread.

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