Christmas frangipane tart


For the pastry

* 175 g plain flour,
* 150 g butter, diced
* 7 tbsp soured cream,

For the filling

* 50 g butter,
* 50 g caster sugar,
* 2 eggs, lightly beaten
* 100 g almonds,
* 3-4 drops almond extract,
* 1 tbsp mincemeat,
* 8 plums, quartered and stoned
* 4 figs, quartered

* icing sugar, for dusting
* redcurrant jelly, to serve

1. Make the pastry by putting the flour in a food processor. Add the butter and whiz for a couple of seconds until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add the soured cream and whiz for a couple more seconds until the dough just begins to come together.

2. Turn the pastry onto a floured board and knead lightly until the pastry comes together. It will be crumbly to start with. Cover and chill in the fridge for half an hour.

3. In the meantime make the filling. Beat the butter in a bowl until soft, then add the sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs alternately with the ground almonds. Add the almond extract, then cover and leave aside.

4. Roll out the pastry thinly on a lightly floured surface to a 30cm round, then transfer to a large baking sheet and prick all over with a fork. Spoon the mincemeat onto the pastry and smooth over with a knife. Spread the almond mixture on top, leaving about 4cm border of pastry around the edge.

5. Scatter over the plums and figs and then fold the edges of the pastry up over the fruit. Dust with icing sugar, and chill for 20 minutes.

6. Preheat the oven to 220C.

7. Cook the tart for 35-40 minutes until golden brown. Leave it on the baking sheet for 10 minutes to harden up, then slide onto your serving dish.

8. Warm the plum or redcurrant jelly and brush over the top of the tart.

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