Fried egg rolls











Raw materials

– Select epinard to 10 leaves and immature or green sweet young tabloid

– 3 egg.

– 1 package crabmeat closed bars (surimi crab meat)

– 1 Tbsp flour

– 1 Tbsp fresh milk, (not to fix okay, but fried chicken fix seeds will inflate more and SOP.

– Salt, pepper, a little seasoning salt and a soup spoon of oil.


– Fresh vegetables or vegetable leaves and stalks epinard select young to whole leaves to clean and long.

– Add the vegetables cooked in boiling water. Try to keep the port is not being crushed and torn. (Boiled salt water before being boiled vegetables provide.

– Break 3 eggs into a large bowl, beaten with a soup spoon of flour, 1 tablespoon milk, finally, to spice.

– Place the pan on the stove, add oil, egg waiting for the hot oil and then coated with very thin do not.

– Rinse the cooked eggs on the one hand, note that no other side of fried ripe

– When the underside of the golden eggs, the vegetables were boiled out and the crab meat together in parallel.

– For vertical straight crab meat and vegetables to be able to roll easily.

– Roll back the egg wrapped neat and remember to hold the vegetables, crab meat left out in the air.

– After the roll back then, to the disk, waiting for the eggs cool,

– Take a knife to a knife sharp memory, die out each drill, remove the disc, presented as sushi, for beautiful eyes.

This dish, served with tomato sauce or sweet and sour sauce, the spicy chili sauce for some delicious spicy.

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