Fried String Bean


300g string beans

10g minced spiced cabbage

10g minced dry shrimp

30g mashed meat

20g scallion

5g bruised ginger


a. 1/2 tbsp salt

b. 1 tbsp sugar

c. 1/2 tbsp MSG

d. 1 tbsp cooking wine

e. 1 tbsp spice oil

f. 1/2 tbsp vinegar


1. Clean the string beans and cut the head off. Fry till dry, drain up

2. Clean and minced the scallion

3. Preheat the pan with oil, fry the minced spiced cabbage, minced dry shrimp and bruised ginger briefly, add string bean, a scoop of broth and seasoning a~d, fry till almost dry, pour a dash spice oil and sprinkle minced scallion before dish up.


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