Water Melon Steamed Dumplings


(1) 1 portion hot water dough (about 2C flour)

(2) 2/3lb. ground pork. 1 slice winter melon (about 1/ 3lb.). 2T—minced ham. and 1t—minced ginger


1T cooking wine, 1/2t salt , 1/2T soy sauce .3T water . 2T sesame oil


1. Divide dough into small balls, roll each ball into a circle.

2. Stuffing: Mince pork even more finely, combine with ham and all seasonings, stir evenly; peel melon, dice, add to pork mixture, mix well.

3. Place a little stuffing in the center of each dough circle, fold over, press edges tightly to seal, remove to steamer, steam on high for 8 minutes, remove and serve.

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